INNSIDE Frankfurt Eurotheum Impressions

Since I was back in Frankfurt for a couple of days I decided to book a room at the INNSIDE Frankfurt Eurotheum because I’ve been wanting to visit. It’s one of the tallest buildings in Frankfurt and completes the skyline of Mainhattan. 

Hotel Grounds

The building is well known for the 22nd Lounge & Bar. It offers an incredible view of the entire city and is especially beautiful at night. I’ve been there a few times and can highly recommend it.

A great feature of the building is the elevator that takes you to the bar & lounge and the hotel reception (also on the 22nd floor). You can see it in the front of the building in the pictures above. The design lets you admire the metropolitan city.



INNSIDE has 74 spacious designer apartments with incredible views and is located in the banking district close to the Old Opera House, main shopping center (Zeil) and shopping street Goethe Straße.

You all know how important I think the check-in process is. The reception staff here did not disappoint! The lovely lady made small talk and asked me how my arrival was and gave me a room on a higher floor upon request.

The Room

During my stay I had a room on the 28th floor.


Waking up to a view like this is amazing!



The room was very spacious, bright and clean. Waking up here in the morning made me want to have a really productive day.





A little kitchen area with coffee/tea station, minibar and microwave. I just wish they had some green tea!


The Bathroom

The bathroom has a switch for a heating lamp (red light) to keep you warm after your shower. It’s the first time I’ve seen that in a hotel, such a great idea. This room had an open shower.





The hotel also has a fitness area and sauna which are open 24h. Free WiFi is available here as well. The breakfast buffet takes place on the 22nd Floor where you can enjoy the view while eating.

The check-out process was friendly and quick. I left my luggage at the hotel while out in the city and picked it up later without a problem.

SLK Rating

Overall I enjoyed my stay and I’d come back because of the clean rooms, friendly staff and great location.

Staff **** The guards at the hotel entrance greet you, the reception staff is friendly and the staff in the bar is quick and competent.

Price **** Price-quality-ratio is good. Breakfast is not included in the room rate and costs 29 EURO per person. For that price I’d expect a bit more in the breakfast buffet but you do get an amazing view so that makes up for it.

Cleanliness **** The only pointer I have for house keeping is to check the mugs in the coffee/tea station because they were still dirty. A quick call to the reception asking for a fresh mug quickly resolves the situation.

Social Media **** Regular posts with good quality pictures and content. I’d wish for some more interaction with followers and guests.

*This is not a sponsored blog post. All hotel fees were paid for myself and all opinions are my own.

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