H’Otello B’01 Munich Impressions

Over the weekend I spent a night in a new-to-me hotel. A little research online and I came across “H’Otello B’01“in the heart of Munich city. It’s the perfect location, as all the famous sights are within walking distance.

This hotel chain has hotels with individual character and urban style in Berlin (1) and Munich (3).

We arrived in the afternoon and check in was quick. Just a few things to fill out and we got our keys and a map of the city. The lovely lady at the front desk gave us some tips of which sights are a must-see.

The Bedroom

Our room was on the fourth floor. I’m so impressed by how clean our room and the entire hotel was. Spotless!

I love the colors in the room. The grey, orange and gold details. The room had big windows and the view outside wasn’t bad at all. Overall a lovely room and I would definitely come back to stay again.

The Bathroom

The bathroom, as well as the bedroom, were spotless. From the shower drain to the mirrors. Little things that are often overseen were clean and polished. It does make you feel more comfortable if you have a feeling that everything is properly cleaned.

There was no solid bar of soap, instead some liquid soap which I loved! I’m not the biggest fan of all bars of soap as they can leave your hands feeling dry.

The amenities here are the necessities. Simple, but everything you need.

Hotel Ground

The outside of the hotel is also very clean. It’s in between two other buildings but really stands out because of the gold details and plants outside.

When you walk inside you’ll see the reception in front of you. The hotel lobby and reception are small, have a cozy and welcoming style. The bar and restaurant are on the right side of the reception.

I love the hotel lobby flair and design. Check out was professional and quick. The staff here is so friendly!

SLK Rating – Overall a 5***** star rating from me!

 ♦Check In/Check Out ***** Friendly, quick, professional.

♦Cleanliness ***** So impressed! Everything was spotless.

♦Location ***** In the heart of the city. All the famous sights of Munich are within walking distance.

♦Staff ***** Very friendly and attentive. 

Overall a 5***** star rating from me! 

*This is not a sponsored blog post. All hotel fees were paid for by myself. All opinions are my own. Photos taken on iPad 4. 


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