Shankly Hotel Liverpool Impressions


While in Liverpool I stayed in the Shankly hotel for the first time. I didn’t look up the hotel first and didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Room



I love the heavy curtains, red plaid lamp shades, the light, dark brown colors and furniture.


Love the gold detailing.


I tested the beds before taking pictures. So soft!

Everything is very clean. I just noticed a bit of dust but if you’ve worked in housekeeping in a hotel, you know it’s an evil enemy thats hard to get rid of for a long period of time.



Each room in the hotel features a story from someone who met Shankly throughout his life.


Heavy dark and unique furniture. Complete with a room service menu, tea & coffee station and a folder of hotel brochures. Very tidy!

The Bathroom


Bathtub with a jacuzzi function! The body wash makes for a great makeshift bubble bath.

This hotel room had slippers but no bathrobes (at the time of my visit). The bathroom was flawless. No hair and perfectly folded towels!





These tiles, that mirror and a pop of orange color, love it!



I must say, I was very impressed with the breakfast buffet and the healthy options. It was kept clean and full throughout breakfast. The staff was very attentive and upbeat and we got our tea and coffee orders very quickly. Fresh flowers are on the tables for breakfast which is a nice touch!


I like to have a healthy-ish breakfast to start off my day.

I shared my morning on Snapchat! @ShannyLaura




The buffet offered something for everyone including a full English breakfast. My favorites were the fresh parfaits, fresh fruits and chocolate croissants.


Hotel Grounds




Lots of artwork throughout the hotel.

Wide hallways, light yet clean carpet, big doors and lots of mirrors.

Walking towards the reception area you’ll see a 30ft video wall featuring moving images, quotes and iconic photos from the life and career of Bill Shankly. Really nice atmosphere!


During check in we were informed that we can connect via bluetooth to speakers in the hotel room and bathroom. Hearing this I though it might be loud in the hallways but it was so quiet all day and night.

Check in/Check out ***** I was very happy with check in and check out. It’s one of the first and last impressions a hotel makes. During check out I was asked to fill out a form on how I enjoyed my stay. I love this idea as it keeps the guest busy while the staff is working on other things.

Social Media ***** The Shankly Hotel is very active on social media and encourages guests to post pictures from┬átheir stay. It’s so important for hotels to be active online and interact with their guests!

Hotel Staff ***** Very friendly and upbeat! They take time to make conversation with you.

Would I visit again? YES! This hotel gets a 5 Star SLK Rating.

Here is some more information on the hotel.

This is not a sponsored blog post. Everything was paid for myself and all opinions are my own.







One thought on “Shankly Hotel Liverpool Impressions

  1. What a handsome hotel! The textures and detailing of the room furnishings look really luxurious, and I love the little stories in each of the rooms! x

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