The Grand Hotel & Spa York Impressions

I spent a night in the luxurious Grand Hotel & Spa in Yorkshire. After looking at their website and online brochure I had high expectations. A big shoutout to all the staff for a lovely welcome!

Check in and check out went quick, was professional and the staff was very friendly and made conversation. At check out there were two guests in front of us, staff came up to us and let us know it’ll be just a short moment and if they could do anything else for us.

It looks like the whole staff works well as a team. Even helping out in different departments if they can. They all seemed really happy with their jobs which I find is so important in a hotel. If the staff is happy, the guests will notice. If the staff is happy, the guests will be as well. 

The staff of the Grand Hotel & Spa portrays what I aspire to be like as hotel staff and what I expect when entering such a hotel. It was an inspiring experience and I went back to work in the hotel more motivated than ever.




The Grand hotel is the only hotel with a 5 Star classification in York. It’s alongside York’s historic wall and a short walk away from the city center. “Its rich, 100-year history gives it an atmosphere quite unlike anywhere else: luxurious yet cosy, refined yet welcoming.” 

The entrance and hotel ground are very clean and polished!

Turn Down Service


You won’t find beds cosier than ours – and they make fantastic trampolines for our younger guests.


Since I arrived in the evening, my room was already turned down. So far it’s my favorite turn down service. Slippers prepared, water by the bedside table, lip balm, weather forecast for the next day, and a welcoming bed!

The Room


There’s no such thing as a standard suite at The Grand. Each room is unique – modelled to integrate the individual, elegant and quirky features of the building.




The room was spotless! No hair or dust which is usually a thing that’s overlooked.

The Bathroom



Mouthwash included in the amenities. Perfect travel size!

I would also like to mention that the toilet paper was folded so perfectly. Often it can look rushed and sloppy. I know it’s a minor detail but guests do notice!




I took a nice bubble bath in the evening. You can even listen to the radio or TV in a bathroom as well which is so practical!

Hotel Grounds

The hotel has a spa area which offers many facilities and treatments to relax. We took a dip in the pool before heading out for the day. It was a very active day with all the swimming and walking!

The concierge and bell boy was kind enough to show us the closest attractions on a map. He even remembered our names when we came back to get our luggage. Even little things like that make you feel so special!


I love the wide hallways; big oak doors and furniture; big windows and classic colors. Makes you feel royal!






What a stylish and cozy lounge area! After exploring the city we came back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and have some tea.



Lovely menu of refreshing drinks, tea, wine and cocktails etc. Prices are very affordable and reasonable.


The hotel as a 3 AA Rosette winning restaurant. Didn’t get the chance to dine there but I definitely will next time I visit.

Don’t arrive, make an entrance. The Grand is a historic hotel in a historic city.You’re the latest visitor to a place that has welcomed Vikings, Romans and medieval knights.

Above shown pictures are from the hotel website.

Location **** Close to the train station and about 5 minutes by foot to the city center. Easy to find!

Brochure Quality ***** Brochures in the room were clean and didn’t have any wrinkles. Even the online brochure is worth looking at, such clever text and does an amazing job at showing off the hotel.

Hotel Staff ***** I already raved so much about the staff in this post! Very cheerful and attentive.

Activity on Social Media ***** Active on every platform they run. Nicely designed website and easy to navigate.

Would I visit again? YES! This hotel gets a 5 Star SLK Rating!

This is not a sponsored blog post. I paid for the room and tea myself. All opinions are my own. Thank you to my boyfriend for taking pictures of me!

12 thoughts on “The Grand Hotel & Spa York Impressions

  1. It’s a really beautiful hotel – I’ve never had the pleasure of staying there but I have been in a couple of times for their afternoon tea and I love it! I’d love to stay over one night but I need a special occasion as an excuse!


  2. This looks like a very special Hotel! Thank you for sharing your experience at this place. I also love your pictures!!!


  3. Your pictures are awesome sooo professional. 😍 I really love your personal ranking and your pretty nice taste in clothes and Hotels.

    Keep writing Mrs. Shannon Girl 😘

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